Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Books have Arrived!

Thanks to a combination of library and district office funds, our library is adding over 500 new books to the library over the next two weeks. The bulk of these texts are non-fiction books in the areas of test prep, environmental sciences, politics, and computer technology. Stop by the library over the next few weeks and ask Mr. Snyder or Mrs. Marcolini about these exciting new texts.

As we add new books, I'll post suggestions as well as a full list as soon as we catalogue them. Also, don't forget to check out the library's new website . We have the results of the teacher reading survey, so you can see what MHS staff are reading these days. The most popular books were Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol and The Shack by William Young. Both are available in our library. Reserve your copy today.

Check out the website of the week. This site is a free collection of Internet resources for nearly any topic. Great for research or building general knowledge.


  1. Angelas Ashes is a great book I'm glad we have like 100000 copies now so everyone can read it!!!!

  2. Dear John by Nicholas Sparks is one of the best books i have ever read. It is a romantic novel about a man named John and a girl he meets named Savannah. He is a soldier and he meets her while he is on leave. They fall in love in the short time of two weeks. He goes back to war for a year, but comes back on his next leave to see her. He then goes back but it is for a longer time and he starts to realize he and Savannah are seperating. He said he would marry her but it doesn't seem to be so. She writes a letter to him telling him that they are seperating and she has found love somewhere else. It is heart wrenching and you really relate to the different characters.

  3. I think that this website is very helpful in finding books to read. I would like to suggest the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. It is a very good book to read for a girl.

  4. I have been reading books by John Grisham this year. I would reccommend this author to everyone. His books are suspenseful and keep your interest until the end. Many of his books talk a lot about courtrooms and lawyers, however they are not boring as you may suspect from the topic. The books deal a lot with the main characters' struggles with themselves and the outside world. If you like books that are beleiveable and don't always have the fairy tale "happily ever after" ending then you should definetly read some John Grisham.

  5. I read a book called Enchantress from the stars. It is a sci-fi book and talks about this girl who goes sneaks to another planet where her father and brother and their teammate are on a mission to try and save the planet from another planet who want that planet for themselves. Though the girl is not yet sworn, she takes on the mission. I reccomend this book to girls who like reading sci-fi books.


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