Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dresscode: Vital Tool of Discipline or Destroyer of Individuality? You Decide.

Feel free to use the comments section on this post to discuss what you think about the proposed dress code at Milford High School. Consider these questions:

1. What are the positive effects? Negative effects?

2. What schools around us do this?

3. What would this look like in our school?

4. How can we convince the school board that this a good or bad idea?

Just click on the word "comments" to post your opinion.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love Sports!

As you know, I coach basketball. As we are on our way to the playoffs this year, I thought that I would highlight some great sports authors and books. If you love sports, try these out.

Mike Lupica: He is a sports reporter who has written nearly a dozen books now. The center on basketball and baseball and the library owns nearly all of them. He is consistently one of most popular authors, so put one on hold if you can't find his books while you are here.

Tim Green: A new author in the past few years, Green has written several books about Football and Baseball.

John Dygard: Although his writings are little old, they are well done and still cover issues that affect students today. All center around sports with issues like competition, first love, friendship, and growing up as central themes.